To travel through busy cities.

Do you still remember, when did you send out your last letter?

People gave up writing and sending letters because of the convenience of emails. Though the postmen never leave, even if there is only one letter left to deliver. Every time we receive a post from a postman, we can feel their sincerity and responsibility. There is one saying, if we get lost in a city, the most reliable ones to seek help from might be the postmen!

To keep orderly in chaos.

There are many night markets in Taiwan. They are different and fantastic in every sense. Even if you are a frequent traveller to Taiwan, the temptation of night markets still lures you.
From the sausage with sticky rice, to the Taiwanese tempura, and the jelly tapioca pearls. The distribution of the stalls looked like a set menu with appetisers, main courses and desserts. Isn’t it tempting?

My love also goes to the traditional tea restaurants in Hong Kong.
When the lady pushed her dim sum trolley like driving her favourite car, “I have only buns for this trolley. Go to the other side for the pan-fried cakes.” She shouted.
“Hot water~~” When another uncle yelled together with a teapot landed on the table.
As efficient as the tempo of Hong kong, everyone acts upon their roles.

Both are bridges, yet with totally different sceneries.
With signboards of all sorts of colours and sizes filled the sky, Kabukicho of Shinjuku in Tokyo become the “practice range” for photographers.
If you are not a nightlife person, why don’t you join the morning commuters in Taipei?
Daqiaotou, literally means big bridge in Chinese, situated in the centre of Taipei city. Motorbikes flow like a waterfall every morning from 7 to 9 o’clock when commuters drive to work.

Stop and take a look.

Red minibus is a special symbol of Hong Kong.
From the design of fare sign, bus-stops to the new models of minibus, they are all part of the memory of Hong Kong. Minibus drivers are famous for their “fast and furious” style like racing formula one. Every time when I see how they arrange and park their minibuses. You can catch a glimpse of effectiveness which is the essence of Hongkongness.